• You’ll enjoy his take on life, love, happiness. You probably haven't heard anything like this in a while.Graham Reid | Elsewhere
  • He creates music as food for the happy soul inside of you.Pat Armistead | Joyologist
  • A singer-songwriter who puts his heart where his mouth is. Johnny Matteson | Mad Musician
  • Mellow meets melody with music like an old friend that you can lie back and relax in a hammock with.Michelle Bunt | Self Love Medicine
  • Songs about the human condition told with a funny, gentle, kind acceptance that is his gift to us.Tracey Cannon | Activist
  • Messages of laughter, light, belief and hope and that we all need to embrace our wonderfully imperfect selves.Dan Allan | Body in Space
Gareth Edwards is a recording singer-songwriter and award-winning performer.

A multi-instrumentalist writing across musical genres, his songs are described as:

bluesy, reggae, country, relatable, encouraging, humorous, serious, happy songs


I have new songs out asking:

Are You Where You Want To Be?
Two happy, hippy reggae tracks, each with a radio edit and 'extra love' extended version, see another collaboration with Thinkt Studio producer Joshua Lynn (who also plays bass) and former Street Chant drummer Alex Brown. The trio reached #4 on the iTunes Chart with the tongue-in-cheek Christmas single Time of Cheer.

Joining the ensemble band for the first time are Sharpie Crows Steve Huf on trumpet and trombone, acclaimed kirtanist Premratna and NZ Entertainment Podcast's Wal Reid on backing vocals.

The video for Right Here Right Now is a social media collaboration where friends and fans put forward images and words of what it feels like to be "in the moment".