Musician On A Mission

Gareth Edwards is a musician on a mission to help people remember the two ingredients of a happy life:

1. joy and pleasure
2. life satisfaction and fulfilment
Born and bred in Manchester, England there was only two choices - football or music.

Gareth is an average footballer.

But his musical talents were nurtured by his musical parents and a piano teacher from the Hallé Symphony Orchestra.

Even at a young age, music was first and foremost a refuge - a magical place to get happily lost in composition and melody.

Unusual circumstances were the catalyst for Gareth's exploration of songwriting and sharing with others. A quarter-life crisis in his mid-20s saw him experience extreme lows and highs resulting in homelessness and hospitalisation with a diagnosis of bipolar. The psychiatric ward was the venue for Gareth's first gigs and his post-hospital recovery journey saw the start of songwriting about life, love and happiness.

After moving to Aotearoa | New Zealand, kiwi legend Johnny Matteson (the original 'Mad Musician') took Gareth under his wing and gave him his first break at a local MadPride gig. The warm response that night showed him that there was a hunger for music that fed the soul and celebrated life.

Gareth went on to run MadPride songwriting workshops and gigs for over a decade, whilst performing his blend of songs and story telling across the country at mental health services and conferences. After playing at the Mason Clinic (a locked-down, secure forensic mental health facility) he realised the aspiration for a life worth living was universal and he decided to take his message of hope to a broader audience.

His debut MadLove show at the Nelson Fringe Festival won the Best Solo Show and Best Show awards.

He has recorded two full albums, a double A-side single and a Christmas single that reached #4 in the iTunes Chart.

He lives with his family in Golden Bay.

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